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Artist's Statement 

Sarah is older and isolated having acted as a career for her late husband who had Dementia. Yet she continues to develop her art practice which appropriately centres on the use of her own body and the effects of ageing and the invisibility of the older person, particularly the woman.

Sarah bravely castes her older naked body, systematically making new versions every two years on her birthday. This diary of decay becomes the raw material with which she examines a variety of materials and their relationship to our brief time here on earth which she feels is over "in a blink of an eye."


Some materials defiantly embrace their impermanence: expanding foam, wax and Sellotape so light and delicate are susceptible to damage and decay. Others, like bronze refer to traditional sculpture, but rather exalt the older damaged body in opposition to the imposing statues of the past.


One can be “emerging” and there is help, one can be “established” and there are opportunities but for the older artist the situation is less supportive. Sarah is therefore a perfect fit for interest from “Outside- in” whose award-winning role opens the system for the excluded.


Sarah Fortes Mayer

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