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​Sarah Fortes Mayer's Solo  Exhibition was called In the blink of an eye  and took place on November 2nd at K4 Architects, 122 Fazeley St, Birmingham B5 5RS from 6.00 - 9.00 pm


Sarah is an ecclectic artist working across many mediums. On retirement from running her own company Sarah decided to pursue her love of fine art and enrolled on a Foundation Course in Sutton Coldfield. Her studies continued culmionating in an MA  in Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art, Margaret Street, Birmingham.


Fortes Mayer is showing her work in and around the West Midlands. Confronting the audience. Using her own body as a mould to cast unusual thought provoking work in different materials. (Polysterene foam, bronze and resin).


Fortes Mayer is also part of FAM Collective, a group of six very different arists who make and exhibit work together.

Fortes Mayer has joned with Ian andrews to form In-Public: creating with the community  

In Public” are a newly formed Community arts group dedicated to creating with diverse communities, extending and developing an audience for, and engagement with the arts.

We carry out periods of engagement, devising and delivering exhibitions, events, performances and provocations inspired by and devised with individuals and organisations. These are interdisciplinary including combinations of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, sound and performance.

To facilitate these we  use the space as part studio, part art school, part gallery, part shadow theatre, part project space from which a series of events and activities would evolve including break out “pop up” happenings where possible.

A project blog and advertising material would be distributed prior to the commencement of the residency and we would meet with interested parties well in advance to ensure a healthy interest in the project.

We leave participants with a sense of involvement and an understanding that there are different ways of thinking and responding to the world. A greater interest and enthusiasm in the arts and a feeling of empowerment to be able to express themselves, helping to bridge the gap between contemporary art and its potential audience.

We are committed to engaging with broad and diverse audiences but are particularly interested in people whose voices are overlooked such as the elderly and dementia groups. Several of our solo projects have concentrated on providing a platform for older generations and research into the workings of the mind and it’s disruption due to illness.








Sarah Fortes Mayer

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